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About Us – Phoenix Scrap & Metal

About Us

Phoenix metal and scrap is Dubai based company. At Phoenix metal and scrap we believe that the scrap metal industry is an essential one, involving the recovery of old metals and transforming the products to other useful lives. Scrap metal recycling has numerous advantages and plays an important role in supporting both environmental and economic benefits. By doing so we are also contributing to the cleanup of metal sites and offering a much lower carbon footprint, by providing raw metals for the utilization of resources than new material. We will take care of all your scrap metal requirements.

Phoenix metal and scrap believes that scrap metal is not a waste stream but a rather significant asset. One that not only benefits our clients but also the environment.

Phoenix Metal and scrap prides itself on: 

  • Ethical relationships – with every customer and within every transaction
  • Accurate weights – our scales are calibrated weekly
  • Competitive pricing and immediate payment

Comprehensive Solutions

  • We are able to accept small and large volumes of metal and scrap
  • Knowledge of all recyclable materials
  • Modern on-site recycling operation capable of processing all grades and forms of scrap commodities

Superior Service

Excellent communications; our team members are fluent in Arabic and English

Quick service & immediate payment upon receipt

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